About Persis Green Rubber Oil 15:

Persis Green Rubber Oil 15 is a group of aromatic paraffinic oils that are known to have green rubber oils due to aromatic polycyclic aromatic compounds less than 3% of which are harmful and hazardous in the environment.

The characteristics of this carbon dioxide are lower in aromatics and we use them in flexural rubber industries.

In addition the function of  rubber Process Oils is to improve physical properties of vulcanization to reduce the cost of the finished rubber compounds. We know that the modern rubber compounding process requires high speed mixing and short mixing periods with proper polymer consistency for rapid processing.

persis green rubber oil 15

Usage of GR 15 

Micron traffic, butyl tubes, fire equipment, gardening equipment, LPG tubes, rubber tiles, car tires.

In addition most important role of RPO is automobile segment which boosts demand of rubber processing oils. As said rubber processing chemicals market is usually affect by growth in demand for automobiles. However, RPO is uses to enhance virtues of rubber in tire factory. Meanwhile, With growing society and increased spending by consumers, demand for automobiles has increased. Which in turn has led to increased demand for rubber processing chemicals. These chemicals add better qualities to the rubber.


The normal packing of Green Rubber Process Oil is in Drum or Flexi. About 80 drums we load in a 20` container. Also we load about 20 Metric Ton in Flexi Tank.