What is Bitumen Penetration 60-70?

The major Grade Bitumen is Bitumen Penetration 60-70 and It Generally uses for different usages. Penetration grading quantifies the following asphalt concrete characteristics:

Penetration depth of a 100 g needle 25° C (77° F)
Flash point temperature
Ductility at 25°C (77°F)
Solubility in trichloroethylene
Thin film oven test(accounts for the effects of short-term aging that occurs during mixing with hot aggregate)
Retained penetration
Ductility at 25° C (77° F)
In addition, Penetration grading’s basic assumption is that the less viscous the asphalt, the deeper the needle will penetrate.

Grading Bitumen Penetration 60-70:

How ever Penetration also specified by softening point and penetration test. Also Designation is by penetration range only. The Penetration Grade Bitumen have a thermoplastic property which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures. This temperature – viscosity relationship also is important when determining  performance parameters such as the adhesion,  durability and usage temperatures of bitumen.


Bitumen Penetration 60/70

Bitumen additives:

Non-parametric performance is important in determining the asphalt performance. Also, Bitumen additives known as promoters and enhancers main role of bitumen in the bitumen increased resistance against permanent deformation at high temperatures. How ever Asphalt modifiers, should not be have a negative effect on bitumen spec in different temperatures. How ever If the elastic and viscous bitumen consists of two parts consider increasing elastic component bitumen, a viscous component is reduced, and this will increase the dynamic stiffness pitch. also Bitumen additives also have been effective, economically and executive is acceptable, readily available and can be blended with bitumen.

Bitumen Penetration 60/70 Spec:

Bitumen Penetration 60-70

Product Test Data Sheet for Down Load:

Bitumen 60-70 PDF click for download


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