Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1

It is a emulsion Bitumen cationic slow setting asphalt emulsion produced by the patented SMEP process also bitumen emulsion is sutaible for road. However producer make The base asphalt for emulsification from specially  crude oils via carefully refining processes.  By the way Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1 components we carefully select and balance, according to formulations.

What is Bitumen Emulsion?

Emulsified Bitumen usually consists of bitumen droplets suspended in water. Moreover this dispersion under normal circumstances would not take place. Also everyone knows, oil and water don’t mix. But if an emulsifying agent added to water asphalt will remain dispersed. Most emulsions used for surface treatments. That`s enable using lower temperatures (45°C-70°C). This is much lower than 150-190°C used for hot mix asphalt cements. The lower application temperatures will not damage asphalt and are much safer for field personnel. In bitumen emulsion production, water treated with emulsifying agent and other chemicals. It pumped to colloid mill along with bitumen. The colloid mill breaks bitumen up to tiny droplets. Emulsifying agent migrates to asphalt-water interface and keeps droplets from coalescing. As a result Emulsion then pumped to storage tank.

We develop Bitumen Emulsion and exponentially increase sin that we created in 1900. Estimated presently at 20% of the global bitumen use and bitumen emulsions are basically an O/W – Oil on Water solution – A dispersion of bitumen particles on water, stabilized with the addiction of surfactants – Surface active agents – or most commonly known as emulsifiers, that will permit the bitumen to de diluted in water, however They primarily using for tack coats for use in between hot mix asphalt layers and prime coats for thin hot mix surfacing layers or a chip seal pavements.  any way Bitumen emulsion devid into 3 categories; 

Non_ionic with neutral globules 

cationic with positively charged globules

Anionic with positively charged globules


The main grades of Emulsion bitumen

Anionic Emulsion Code Cationic Emulsion Code Setting Type
ARS CRS Rapid Setting
AMS CMS Medium Setting
ASS CSS Slow Setting