Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2

Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2

Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2 is a cationic rapid setting bitumen emulsion that contains 65% bitumen, is black in color and we manufacture strictly as per ASTM D 2397M-13 standard.

Also Bitumen emulsion CRS-2 consists of three basic ingredients: bitumen, water, and an emulsifying agent. Moreover Based on specifications it may contain other additives, such as stabilizers, coating improves, anti-strips, or break control agents. It is well known that water and asphalt will not mix, except under carefully controlled conditions using highly specialized equipment and chemical additives.

Moreover Emulsion Emulsion CRS-2 is a cationic Rapid Setting emulsion. Emulsion asphalt CRS-2 are usually made by passing the mixture of hot bitumen and water phase between a rotating disc, cone or wheel and a stater. In the emulsification process, the hot binder is mechanically separated into minute globules and dispersed in water treated with a small quantity of emulsifying agent. The water we call the continuous phase and the globules of the binder we call the discontinuous proper selection of an emulsifying agent and other manufacturing controls.

Application of Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2

We maybe use Cat-ionic Bitumen emulsion CRS-2 at ambient temperatures with aggregates, which need not be completely dry. To clarify Emulsions are less hazardous to use in comparing with the cutback and can be applied in a wider range of conditions. So Most CRS-2 applications we list as below:

  • Bituchip (Chip seal)
  • Bituseal (Seal coat)

Also Ideally suited and designed for

  • Pot hole filling/patch work
  • Premix carpet work
  • Strong bonding with existing surface
  • High stability of patches

Advantage of using Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2

• No petroleum solvent required to liquefy
• Little or no hydrocarbon emissions
• In most cases, we use with no additional heat. It does not need any pre-heating. Thus results in the case of handling for the user, besides saving in cost.
• Therefore The ability to coat damp aggregate. We can use even with wet aggregates thus enabling users to carry out work during the monsoon also.
• Can use cold materials at remote sites. Cold application of Bitumen Emulsion ensures safety to the workforce; it is a user-friendly product. Being cold applied the work progresses much faster.

• Moreover Wide variety of emulsion types available today
• Economical
• Free from danger ( for fire )
• Environmental
• Harmless for worker health.
• can use with moisture aggregates. Can use even with wet aggregates thus enabling users to carry out work during the monsoon also.

• Application temperature is low and does not need heating while storage and transportation period. For this reason, it provides energy saving.
• Emulators increase adhesion they effect as anti-stripping agent
• can use in four seasons. Especially it gives a chance application in the rainy region and it extends application period.
• It has a lot of application area and construction methods.
• Bitumen Emulsion does not require petroleum solvent to make them liquid as in cut back and also not require to heat that like normal Bitumen. Thus saving imported petroleum oil or firewood.
• Toxic fumes (Hydrocarbon emission) normally emitted from heated bitumen & cutbacks not present when Cationic Bitumen Emulsion can use, as no heating require for its application.