Caustic Soda Flake 99/9%:

Caustic soda can be found in liquid or solid form (Caustic Soda  flake, granules or micro-pearls.) Both forms have the same chemical formula and the same applications; therefore, they are interchangeable.

Caustic Soda Flake

Before working with caustic soda, it is important to use a surgical mask to avoid inhaling it. Latex or gardening-type gloves should also be used, as well as safety glasses.


How to using Caustic Soda Flakes:

– According to directions, place the the amount of water that will be used in a Pyrex-type flask (because the temperature will rise.) Ideally, the water should be cold.
– Measure the caustic soda flake and add it to the water, taking care to do this neither too fast nor too slow. The soda should be sprinkled because it will sink to the bottom quickly. Always add the soda to the water, never vice versa.
– Using a Teflon-type spoon, stir slowly without shaking or whisking. A hard layer will form at the bottom and the solution will become cloudy. This is normal. Never use a shaker or blender for soda.
– Let the solution stand for a few minutes, then continue stirring and gradually everything will dissolve and the solution will become clearer. The final state of the solution will always be clear.
– The soda should be prepared just before use at the temperature recommended. It should not be allowed to cool. If it cools completely, it will absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment and will form a layer of sodium carbonate that will cloud the solution.

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